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The Zombie Apocalypse Is Not for Wimps: This won't end well...

How to research, take stock, and prepare for the zombie apocalypse, coming soon-ish to a town near you.

Survival Tips

Decisions, decisions...

Multiple Choice Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game

Do you have what it takes to survive?  Find out now.

Balloons VS. Zombies

Balloons vs. Zombies is a funny physics-based platform puzzle game. The goal is to get a rid of all the creepy undeads and rescue the innocent humans in each stage. Use your gun to shoot a limited number of sharp knifes or flying balloons and try to win the war against the ugly zombies.

 CDC: Solve the Outbreak

Are you ready to work your way closer to becoming a Disease Detective? CDC has released an update to Solve the Outbreak, the popular, free iPad app that puts you in the shoes of a member of the Epidemic Intelligence Service.